Lima Lopes Cordella & Associates

Founded in October 2002, Lima Lopes Cordella & Associates is a law firm registered at OAB/PR under the number 1470. In a broad organizational structure, it currently counts with a technical team of twenty-three lawyers, three law students, and five professionals in the administrative area.

The firm seeks to assist mainly companies, and it strives to provide safe and state-of-the-art solutions.

To enable assistance in a national level, it has various important law firms from all over the country as affiliates.

Providing specialized services in all areas of legal practice, the firm acts diligently and ethically to preserve the client’s best interests.

** We provide legal assistance for small, medium and large-sized companies **

Our Differentials

The advantages of hiring this firm, demonstrated by customer satisfaction surveys, are:

  • Full service assistance;
  • Specialized services in all areas of legal practice;
  • Exclusive dedication, if necessary (private group focused on said cause);
  • Possibility to outsource lawyers and create an internal legal division for a specific cause;
  • Daily news dedicated to business interests;
  • Personalized online assessment;
  • Teleconference system;
  • Informal approach to our team members;
  • No “legalese” in meetings, with the purpose of creating a closer relationship with the clients;
  • All the lawyers involved are either partners or associates, hence their commitment in pursuing the best outcome for our client;
  • Affiliated law firms from all over the country;
  • Low cost;
  • Part of the legal fees charged only if the result is positive;
  • Civil liability insurance;
  • Vision of combining legal assistance to commercial interests.

Our Mission

To offer a combination of technical, legal and business expertise in the most effective, dynamic, and personalized way, aiming at safeguarding our client’s interests, anticipating and generating results, thus maintaining our status as the face of efficiency in the legal area.

Our values



Personalized Assistance




Tax Law

  • Pre-emptive analysis.
  • Enquiry of tax assets and liabilities and the necessary measures.
  • Tax planning.
  • Administrative and legal measures to obtain the Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • Obtaining injunctions for the suspension of tax debts.
  • Measures to determine a tax’s unenforceability.
  • Assessment during tax audits.
  • Installment plans’ revision.
  • Tax due diligences.

Labor Law

  • Pre-emptive analysis of the procedures required by law.
  • Assessment during labor audits.
  • Legal reports demonstrating the viability or not of certain attitudes and their respective risks.
  • Defense, procedural accompaniment and judicial reviews, presenting detailed reports on requested funds, risk analysis, settlement viability, and motives that might generate a lawsuit, aiming for prevention.
  • Previous assessment for the company’s representative in a hearing.
  • Defense before the Labor Ministry.
  • Assessment in negotiations with labor unions.
  • Defense against public civil actions (presented by the Labor Public Ministry).
  • Labor due diligences.

Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Practice in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), focused on fusions, divisions and sales.
  • Prepping of the preliminary contracts for M&A: term sheet, MoUs, and letters of intent.
  • Negotiation of the operation’s terms.
  • Legal due diligence and supervision over financial due diligences.
  • Accompanying the company’s partner structure and tax positioning.
  • Negotiation and elaboration of final contracts.

Civil Law

  • Contracts analysis.
  • Follow-ups on contractual negotiations.
  • Verification of inherent risks such as claims for compensation, ciberlaw and environmental perils.
  • Defense of the corporation’s patrimony.
  • Credit recovery.
  • Relief of wrongful protests.
  • Civil liability.
  • Assessment regarding trademarks, patents, copyright, and ownership rights.
  • Consumer law, defending the interests of the company.

Real Estate Law

  • Analysis of real estate documents for acquisition of property.
  • Technical assessment: Structural evaluation of the real estate.
  • Legal assessment: issuing construction authorization bills. Specialized service for construction companies and merging companies, from the analysis of real estate documents for acquisition of property to the verification of necessary infrastructure for the launch of new endeavors.
  • Assessment in real estate transactions, merger contracts, construction, purchase and sale, rights transfers, rentals.

International Law

  • Ratification of foreign courts decisions (marriage, divorce, adoption).
  • Letters rogatory exequatur.
  • International contracts.
  • Representation and constitution of corporations in Brazil.
  • Counseling for foreign professionals in Brazil.

Environmental Law

  • Pre-emptive counseling, in the effort to follow environmental laws (Federal, State, and municipal spheres).
  • Legal assessment in obtaining an environmental license with the appropriate institution.
  • Litigious law.
  • Defense against public civil actions, monitoring police investigations and criminal lawsuits.
  • Elaboration of a Solid Waste Project according to national policies.

Administrative Law

  • Legal assessment in contracts with the public administration.
  • Consultations, appeals, defense and reviews.
  • Assessment and consultation for companies whose operations are subjected to approval by the public administration.
  • Assessment in public biddings in the following areas:

(a)      Public notice analysis;

(b)      Public notices appeals;

(c)       Proposal’s qualification;

(d)      Elaboration of reviews;

(e)      Assessment on the bid;

(f)         Writ of mandamus in case of irregularities in the notice;

(g)      Contract formalization.

New Product

Legal Information Management

This management program consists in organizing information regarding the contingencies that are under the care of our affiliates and legal department, and make it available to the administrators in a strategic way, facilitating its analysis and decision-making.

Therefore, every case, proceeding and contingency, regardless of the professional in charge, will be compiled in the same format, thus allowing them to be evaluated in a comparative way.

The daily data updates by Lima Lopes & Associates combined with the resources and functionalities of this system provide efficiency and quality for our clients.

Our firm manages every information and document related to every lawsuit or administrative procedure, regardless of where the procedures are being conducted.

Information and documents are verified thanks to our affiliates, who, currently, are made up of more than 700 lawyers throughout Brazil.

Lima Lopes commits to updating the procedures’ information daily, so as to create reliable reports and exercise power over every proceeding and contingency.

These documents and information are available in the web exclusively to our clients, and are of great importance to our Corporative Governance.

The managers are able to:

  • Find the location of their case through the name of any of the parties, the proceeding’s number, district, court, lawyers, and type of procedure.
  • Analyze a complete copy of the proceedings, which will be digital and available in the system.
  • Have information regarding the location of the case or of its maintainer and of its status in court, which enables the identification of the person whose care it’s under.
  • Standardize calculation rules to obtain updates of the sums discussed in the proceedings.
  • Evaluate contingencies (as probable, possible or unlikely) and separate them by request, analyzing the viability for a possible settlement.
  • Evaluate the contingency of a sector of the company, a specific matter, a branch, or a cost center.
  • Issue more than 60 types of reports, all standardized, including contingency analysis based on the audit’s norms, thus demonstrating extreme control over every information that goes through the firm, as well as sending them as PDFs and/or via email.
  • Schedule reports with the option of sending them automatically to the audit via email.
  • Have knowledge about every sum deposited in court and administer how these values will be paid (compensation, withdrawals, permits).
  • Verify subpoenas and if the deadlines are being fulfilled by our subcontractors.
  • Determine which user can access which information, according to their competence.
  • Access to court hearings dates.
  • Monitor duties delegated to other professionals.
  • Through BI (Business Intelligence), evaluate important information for decision-making, including reports and graphics.

Complete dedication to our client!

Whoever believes that a law firm’s tradition and seriousness result in a severe, inflexible and conservative working environment, will be pleasantly surprised by Lima Lopes Cordella & Associates. After fifteen years in the market, the firm, composed of young professionals, is already responsible for legally advising important large-scale corporations. Leading 35 professionals are the name partners Lucyanna Lima Lopes, Felipe Cordella Ribeiro and Levy Lima Lopes Neto.

Three partners and 28 associates compose the firm, all of whom are specialized in business law, in the areas of civil law, tax law, and labor law. The idea of opening the firm began with a thesis developed by Lucyanna while still working at a Human Resources company; after four years of research and debates, she managed to nullify a millionaire fine from a company’s charge, regarding the INSS. This case gained national repercussion and opened precedents for other corporations to question fines applied by the INSS. This line of work is still one of the firm’s specialties nowadays.

Lucyanna started the law firm by herself, and today is proud to be leading a team of young talents. Amongst other differentials, she emphasizes the firm’s customized service and efficient results.

A personalized and close treatment for the client is the firm’s focus. A welcoming and spacious environment makes the visitor feel at home. Every day a newsletter is sent to every client with good news about business law.

The language used with clients, suppliers, associates and friends is the same: “no legalese!” – says Lucyanna. The attorney also shares that their team tries to fully comprehend their client’s company and line of work, in order to offer a more customized service.

In addition, the firm focuses on their social and environmental responsibility by using recycled paper and producing all of their give-away items (pens, mouse-pads, message boards, etc) in a sustainable way; furthermore, the firm helps maintain charities. “There are many points that set us apart from other firms, but the most important one is our aim for the best results for our clients”, states Lucyanna.